… In Medias Res … (kinda)

… Ellie and I we were sat in the library, where the students go for their free wi-fi, and she told me all she had done in the last few months.  She has editors in America and Ireland who are interested in her work.  She has an illustrator who will draw her children’s book, and she also has the contact details of a BBC commisioner for Childrens drama.

I sat agog, the coffee turning acrid in my mouth.

In the same amount of time, I had done nothing.  Not a word written, not a piece set anywhere.  No one contacted, no forums-posts made.  Nothing.  Once again, Ellie, the one who seems to finish everything she ever starts, has trumped me back into the place where I should be – creating.

So this is where I am now, and why I starting this blog.  Again.  Those of you who might have come here before might be surprised to find that it isn’t an art-blog any more.  This is me telling myself off.  Feel free to join in.


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