Somewhere on the text frontier …

Status report, Number one?

Communication link seems stable.  Other avenues seem likely within the near future.  Ennui-drift variables currently locked, so we are stuck here for the moment.

Engineering, how are those engines looking?

I’m still locked out, Captain.  The creative-drives don’t respond.  I think something from the entity is masking the inspiration feeds.  I’m running a level four lightbulb-moment now, sir, but until I get a positive response, we are stuck here. 

Security, options?

The entity seems … alive.  But it is hard to tell.  There is still much interference.  Sometimes patterns seem to appear, but fall back into background noise, random symbols.  I am intensifying my efforts, Captain.

Suggestions, Number One?

Continue attempts at communication, and reigniting the creative-drive.  But  I think that finding intelligent patterns within all this noise is … a long shot, sir.

Make it so, Number One.  I’m off to my ready-room to quote Moby Dick.  You have the Con.


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